TYPE-1 Knit Half Sleeves French Lace Sleeve Parts Long (Black Cells)
TYPE-1 Knit Half Sleeves French Lace Sleeve Parts Long (Black Cells)
TYPE-1 Knit Half Sleeves French Lace Sleeve Parts Long (Black Cells)

TYPE-1 Knit Half Sleeves French Lace Sleeve Parts Long (Black Cells)

TYPE-1 Standard, TS cuffs, 2021

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Sleeve parts, made by french lace with geometric pattern combined with 3D computational knitted parts. Long sleeves. Black. Using leavers lace, perceived as the most premium rank lace from Caudry, France, made by traditional weaving machines and traditional patterns, using only natural materials.
* This item is for both sleeves. You can choose from 5 colors for the attached dots. (in case you selected "Without Dots", dots will not be attached. For those who purchase TYPE-1 item for the first time, we encourage to select with dots, since you will need dots to assemble repairable parts to your garment)

Knit: Organic Cotton 100%
Lace: Silk 60%, Cotton 40%
Top Dots: Brass
Bottom Dots: Nylon


S: Length 24.5cm, Sleeve width 18cm
M: Length 27.5cm, Sleeve width 20cm
L: Length 30.5cm, Sleeve width 22cm

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Care Guide

Please conduct dry cleaning, or hand wash as appropriate. In case you wash at home, please use neutral detergent, and hand wash with warm water (approximately 30℃). Please avoid push wash, grab wash, or scrub wash, and treat delicately. Please do not wash with colored things as the color may transfer to this garment. Please avoid synthetic detergent, bleach, fluorescence amplification detergent as it may diminish the color or texture. Please do not use drum dryers, make sure to reshape and dry flat in the shade. In case the garment is wrinkled, please press with a damp cloth. Please make sure you do not soak in water for long time.

* Please confirm the instruction of each parts in each page.

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In case you wish to return your purchased item, please make sure you return to us within 2 weeks from receiving. Please note that we can not accept returning below items.
・ Items that was damaged or made dirty after being received;
・ Items after you repaired or washed by yourself;
・ Items you lose attachments or any other part or the item;
・ Items you simply don't like, or it is not agreeable with your personal tastes; or
・ Any other non-applicable cases in which you wish for repairs.

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