Tailored by SARTO Ginza Factory


HARMONIZE is a service that breathes new life into one of your favorite shirts to create a one-of-a-kind piece. This service imbues your shirt with a rich new design that coexists alongside the vestiges of its past—both the visible signs of wear and tear, as well as the unseen memories attached to it. Choose from a variety of designs and create a piece of fashion that uniquely embodies your personality.

How it works

Step 01 | Order
Please choose your favorite product from the designs on this page, and follow the instructions on the individual page for that design.
Step 02 | Dialogue
YUIMA NAKAZATO Atelier will get in touch with you using the contact information you provide through your account. Please take a full-body photo of yourself wearing the shirt you are planning to send us.
Step 03 | Shirt pick-up
The atelier will send you a shipping bag for you to use when sending us your shirt.
Step 04 | Design
We will carefully disassemble, reshape, and add new materials to your shirt.
Step 05 | Delivery and Follow-up
Your article of clothing will be made just for you. The amount of time until delivery will vary depending on the design and overall demand for the service, but it will be delivered in about 2 to 3 months.


Design We add new fabric and designs to shirts that our customers have cherished throughout the course of their lives. You can choose from several design options.
Size The product will be created based on the shirt you provide, so there are no specific sizes. During the creation process, we take into consideration the photos of the item that you send us.
*If the shirt you provide has a clearly visible characteristic of a particular brand, such as a logo, it may be redesigned in a way that removes those characteristics for intellectual property protection purposes. We thank you for your understanding.
Material We will add organic cotton materials to the shirt you send us.
Production We work with Sarto Ginza Factory, based in Ginza, Tokyo, who bring a deep understanding of clothing and sophisticated techniques to the production process. Their tailors will propose modifications and meticulously redesign your clothing with delicate care.
[Assembled in Japan]