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Distributor YUIMA NAKAZATO Co.,ltd
Operation director Yuima Nakazato
Address 1510062
Phone number 03-5453-0112
Fax number --
E-mail address onlinestore@yuimanakazato.com
URL http://store.yuimanakazato.com
Other expenses ・Import charges for merchandise sent internationally
・Shipping and handling
Order method A free membership registration is required for a fully enjoyable shopping experience on the YUIMA NAKAZATO ONLINE STORE.

Go to merchandise page and select color, size, and quantity. Then click on

Usage agreement is made when the process to receive the above purchase order is completed.

Items in the shopping cart may be automatically deleted for the following reasons.

Please understand that there are no actions that can return such items to the shopping cart.

1. When the shopping cart expires.

2. When limited quantity/special edition merchandise go out of stock as multiple customers select an item simultaneously.

3. When the user's operating environment does not meet website system requirements.

4. When the browser's "back" button is clicked or other inapplicable action occurs during check out.

5. When a server error occurs during check out

Order Confirmation:

Once an order is completed, a confirmation email will be sent automatically to registered email address within several minutes.

If an order confirmation email is not received:

Please reconfirm that the registered email address is correct, then contact us.
Even if an email address is entered correctly, there are situations where emails are not received by some free email services (i.e. Hotmail).
Please be aware that email software and email virus protection software settings may automatically delete messages from this site.

If multiple order confirmation emails are received:

If more than one email of the same content is received, there is a possibility that your order is also multiplied.
Please contact us at onlinestore@yuimanakazato.com.


Sizes may vary for each item
For more information on sizes, please see specific merchandise page.
For any questions please contact us at onlinestore@yuimanakazato.com.


Please understand that although photographs of merchandise are taken to best portray accurate color depiction of merchandise,
Please understand that although photographs of merchandise are taken to best portray accurate color depiction of merchandise,

SOLD OUT Items and Backorders:

Some SOLD OUT items may come back.
For more information please contact us at onlinestore@yuimanakazato.com.
Payment method The payment methods provided on this site are as follows
・Credit Card

Please pay by the terms of your designated credit card company.
Payment deadline For credit card payments:

Please pay by the terms of your designated credit card company.
Delivery period Generally, merchandise is delivered 2-3 weeks after confirmation of payment.
Depending on item, delivery time may vary.
Please see merchandise purchase page for specific delivery time.
Returns and exchanges Return and exchange policies vary by item.
Please see merchandise page.
Also, custom orders go into production after payments are confirmed.
Upon ordering custom orders, please understand that cancellations, returns, nor exchanges are not available for custom orders.

Please understand that returns cannot be accepted in the following situations.
Repairs, returns, and exchanges are available for the following situations.

・If it has been more than 8 days since receiving merchandise.
・If an item has been used.
・If an item has been stained or damaged after delivery to customer.
・If an item has been repaired or washed.
・If there are any missing parts or pieces.
・If an item has been deemed "noncancelable", "nonexchangeable", or "nonreturnable".
・If an item is "different from what was expected".

Please contact here within a week of receiving merchandise in such situations.

・If merchandise is damaged or stained.
・If merchandise is different from what was ordered.

Shipping fees for returns:

For defective merchandise, shipping fees will be paid for by this site. If returns are made for personal preference reasons, customer must pay for shipping fees.